Burnt Meadow Nursery was established in 2006 as a propagation nursery specializing in shrubs and trees native to the Northeast. We wholesale starter plugs or “liners” that are grown out at other nurseries along with larger material that is planted directly into habitat restorations, wildlife plantings and landscapes.

Our nursery is located at the base of Burnt Meadow Mountain in Brownfield, Maine. The Burnt Meadow Mountain range is part of the foothill region of the White Mountains in the Mt. Washington Valley. The area is diverse in plant communities, which allows for many of our seeds and cuttings to be collected locally. Our nursery and seed collection areas are mainly in Zone 4, which insures our stock is cold hardy.

We strive to merge our nursery’s production with ecological growing practices. Many of our plants are grown with organic fertilizer. We follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, and whenever possible, we use biological controls before applying pesticides in order to conserve beneficial insects. Any pesticides or fungicides used are OMRI certified organic.

We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the plants we produce, and we have been successful using root–pruning containers. They produce plants with a balanced and highly branched root system, which ensures improved transplant success and quicker establishment in the ground or in containers.

About Brownfield Bog Wildlife Management Area

Wetlands cover 25% of Maine’s surface area, four times the wetland area of the five other New England state combined. Among these varied wetland areas is the Brownfield Bog. “The Bog”, as we call it in Brownfield, is 5,700 acres composed of primarily wetland habitats, including emergent marshes, shrub wetlands and bogs. It is bisected by the Saco River and interspersed with wetland and upland forested tracts. It has been, and continues to be, a valuable resource that provides seeds and cuttings for the nursery.

 Burnt Meadow Mountain | Brownfield ME