Burnt Meadow Blueberries manages 20 acres of blueberry land in Eaton, NH. Our barrens are part of a lowbush blueberry complex, including private and town-owned land on Foss Mountain and the surrounding hills. All of our blueberries are certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

We are currently in the process of implementing a variety of organic management practices in our fields. Traditionally, blueberry fields were burned bi-annually to prune and control weeds, but this has been replaced by mowing and herbicide usage. We have begun to use controlled burns in our fields in order to keep the blueberry plants in production while combating weeds and breaking pest and disease cycles that are not affected by mowing.

Aside from producing a fruit crop, the blueberry fields serve as an excellent source of plant material for our nursery. Ironically, many of the “weeds” found in blueberry barrens are useful native plants in other environments. Rhodora, Bush Honeysuckle, Bunchberry, Pussy Willow, Spirea and Sweet Fern are a few that we regularly use for seeds, cuttings or rootstock.

The Blueberry harvest usually starts the last week in July and lasts until mid-September. We harvest by hand with traditional blueberry rakes.  The blueberries are cleaned with winnowing machines in the field and then packed into pint containers and cases.  We sell wholesale to restaurants, farmers and farm stands, health food stores, markets and individuals.  The minimum order is one case, which holds 20 pints. Please call for more information or to reserve or purchase blueberries.